Your success is what drives us.

Born from a shared passion for getting results at high speed, together.

Who we are

Founded by three friends who race cars together, HRBTEC’s mission is fast-tracking your business success.

Will is a creative thinker, always problem-solving and reconsidering the big picture. To scale up his vision, he scouted Simone – the performance-focused team coach with the game plan and the business acumen – and Mike – to get under the hood and turbocharge tech operations.

Will Harris

Chief Executive Officer

Will has deep experience in product management and B2B/B2C marketing. He focuses on synthesizing game-changing ideas and data-driven insights to craft powerful new business strategies. His innovative solutions prioritize engagement, creative direction, results, and profits.

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Simone Harrison

Chief Marketing Officer

Simone loves building teams who execute at a fast pace. She is gifted at translating complex issues into cohesive business roadmaps aligned with customer needs. She’s earned a solid reputation for leadership, prioritizing initiatives, and keeping the focus on achieving financial and strategic targets by delivering solid business solutions to customers.

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Mike Sewell

Chief Technology Officer

Mike is a positive "change agent," known for optimizing tech processes, and helping businesses evolve their technology. He is particularly lauded for attention to detail, obsessive documentation and long-range planning – for future-proofing tech operations. Mike’s unique ability to demystify the complex fosters both far-sighted analysis of improvement opportunities, and crystal-clear communication.

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